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Curriculum Mapping - Workplace Technology Skills

Day Date Lesson Standard(s): Assignment(s):
1 First Day of School
Course Syllabus
Course Syllabus - Guided Notes
OneDrive Upload Instructions
FT 4.1 Use a file management system to navigate and manage files
FT 4.2 Utilize a system’s built-in search features
FT 5.1 Demonstrate knowledge of features in the operating system
2 Repeat  
3 Course SLO Test  
4 Microsoft Word - Lesson #1
Insert text from a file or external source, format page background elements, inspect a document for accessibility issues
Guided Notes
Assignment # 1-3
FT 1.1 Modify, manipulate and format paragraphs 
FT 1.3 Customize document formatting
FT 1.5 Create and use features of word processing software 
5 Repeat  
6 Microsoft Word - Lesson #2
Clear formatting, change text to WordArt, configure table cell margins and spacing
Guided Notes
Assignment #4-6
FT 1.4 Create a mail merge document   
7 Repeat  
8 Microsoft Word - Lesson #3
Configure a repeating row header, insert figure and table captions, insert text boxes
Guided Notes
Assignment #7-10
Study Guide
FT 1.2 Use tables to enhance documents   
9 Labor Day - No School  
10 Make up day
Unit Test
11 Repeat  
12 Microsoft Word Tutorial Assignment FT 1.6 Format characters
FT 1.7 Utilize Help features 
13 Repeat  
14 Work day  
15 Repeat  
16 Excel - SLO Test  
17 Repeat  
18 Microsoft Excel Lesson #1
Adjust row height and column width, display formulas, insert and delete cells
Guided Notes
Assignment #1-3
FT 2.1 Format a spreadsheet to enhance its appearance
FT 2.2 Insert formulas into a spreadsheet to enhance its functionality 
19 Microsoft Excel Lesson #2
Insert subtotals, insert total rows, perform logical operations by using the AVERAGEIF function
Guided Notes
Assignment #4-6
FT 2.5 Create forms and reports  
20 Repeat  
21 Microsoft Excel Lesson #3
Format text by using the CONCATENATE function, move charts to a chart sheet, add alternative text to objects for accessibility
Guided Notes
Assignment #7-10
Study Guide
FT 2.3 Manipulate data within and between multiple spreadsheets 
FT 2.4 Create charts and graphs to represent data  
22 Repeat  
23 Make up day
Unit Test
24 Microsoft Excel Tutorial Assignment  
25 Repeat  
26 Work day  
27 Repeat  
28 PowerPoint - SLO  
29 Microsoft PowerPoint - Lesson #1
Modify individual slide backgrounds, modify the handout master, print in color, grayscale, or black and white
Guided Notes
Assignment #1-3
FT 3.1 Create a presentation using presentation tools
FT 3.2 Modify a presentation 
30 Repeat  
31 Microsoft PowerPoint - Lesson #2
Create bulleted and numbered lists, apply styles and effects, add a legend to a chart
Guided Notes
Assignment #4-6
FT 3.3 Add visual elements to a presentation
FT 3.4 Share and present professional presentations 
32 Repeat  
33 Microsoft PowerPoint - Lesson #3
Change the color of SmartArt graphics, set the video start and stop time, insert comments, proof a presentation
Guided Notes
Assignment #7-10
Study Guide
34 Teacher In-service - No School  
35 Work day
Unit test
36 Repeat  
37 Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial  
38 Repeat  
39 Work day  
40 Repeat  
41 Access - SLO  
42 Repeat  
43 Microsoft Access - Lesson #1
Create a database by using import objects or data from other sources, view relationships, encrypt a database with a password
Guided Notes
Assignment #1-3
44 End of Quarter
Microsoft Access - Lesson #2
Create linked tables from external sources, append records from external data, set default values
Guided Notes
Assignment #4-6
FT 8.2 Analyze the effect of technology on relationships and communication
FT 8.3 Demonstrate the complexity of safe, legal and responsible creation of digital footprints and reputations 
45 Repeat  
46 Microsoft Access - Lesson #3
Hide fields, group data by using arithmetic and logical operators, insert header and footers
Guided Notes
Assignment #7-10
FT 8.4 Follow ethical and legal guidelines in gathering and using digital information and applications
FT 8.5 Effectively decipher reliable information on the web
47 Repeat  
48 Microsoft Access - Lesson #4
Add calculated fields, add report controls
Guided Notes
Assignment #11-13
Study Guide
49 Work day
Unit test
50 Repeat  
51 Microsoft Access Tutorial  
52 Repeat  
53 Work day  
54 Publisher - SLO  
55 Repeat  
56 Microsoft Publisher - Lesson #1
Apply Building Blocks to a Publication, Check the Design of a Publication
Guided Notes
Assignment #1-3
Study Guide
57 Repeat  
58 Work day
Unit test
59 Microsoft Publisher Tutorial  
60 Repeat  
61 Work day  
62 Repeat  
63 Outlook - SLO  
64 Microsoft Outlook - Lesson #1
Manage multiple accounts, Export messages to a data file, Create messages by using Quick Parts
Guided Notes
Assignment #1-3
FT 8.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of privacy and security within relevant technological tools   
65 Repeat  
66 Early Dismissal
Work Day
67 Thanksgiving - No School  
68 Thanksgiving - No School  
69 Microsoft Outlook - Lesson #2
Redirect replies, Configure basic Auto Archive Settings
Guided Notes
Assignment #4-6
70 Repeat  
71 Microsoft Outlook - Lesson #3
Manage calendar groups, Set free or busy status for calendar items, Categorize calendar items, Delete contact groups
Guided Notes
Assignment #7-10
Study Guide
72 Repeat  
73 Work day
Unit test
74 Microsoft Outlook Tutorial  
75 Repeat  
76 Work day  
77 Repeat  
78 Hardware & Network -  SLO  
79 Hardware - Lesson #1
PC Ports and Connectors
Guided Notes
Lesson #1-3
FT 6.1 Demonstrate advanced search techniques within a search engine
FT 6.2 Analyze search engines
FT 6.3 Evaluate Internet browsers
80 Repeat  
81 Networks - Lesson #2
Wired and Wireless Networks
Guided Notes
Lesson #4-6
Review Guide
FT 7.1 Demonstrate various methods of backing up files 
FT 7.2 Conduct Internet browser maintenance 
FT 7.3 Explain the importance of antivirus software 
FT 7.4 Communicate the importance of password creation and management 
82 Repeat  
83 Work day
Unit test
84 Hardware & Network Tutorial  
85 Repeat  
86 Work day  
87 Work day  
88 Last Day of Semester
Adobe Photoshop - SLO
89 Christmas - No School  
90 Christmas - No School  
91 Christmas - No School  
92 Christmas - No School  
93 Christmas - No School  
94 Christmas - No School  
95 Christmas - No School  
96 First Day of 3rd Quarter
Adobe Photoshop - Lesson #1
Identify the purpose, audience, and audience needs for preparing images., Communicate with others (such as peers and clients) about design plans., Demonstrate knowledge of typography.
Guided Notes
Assignment #1-3
97 Repeat  
98 Adobe Photoshop - Lesson #2
Understand key terminology when working with digital images., Demonstrate knowledge of importing, exporting, organizing, and saving., Demonstrate knowledge of working with selections.
Guided Notes
Assignment #4-6
99 Adobe Photoshop - Lesson #3
Demonstrate knowledge of working with selections., Adjust or correct the tonal range, color, or distortions of an image., Demonstrate knowledge of type.
Guided Notes
Assignment #7-10
Review Guide
100 Repeat  
101 Work day
Unit test
102 Repeat  
103 Adobe Photoshop Tutorial  
104 Teacher In-service - No School  
105 Work day  
106 Repeat  
107 Adobe InDesign - Lesson #1
Demonstrate knowledge of project management tasks and responsibilities., Demonstrate knowledge of design principles, elements, and page layout composition., Understand key terminology when working with page layouts.
Guided Notes
Assignment #1-3
108 Repeat  
109 Adobe InDesign - Lesson #2
Demonstrate an understanding of and select the appropriate features and options required to manage colors., Demonstrate knowledge of layers., Add graphic, image, and video content to a page layout.
Guided Notes
Assignment #4-6
110 Repeat  
111 Adobe InDesign - Lesson #3
Demonstrate knowledge of how to create special page elements using InDesign tools., Demonstrate knowledge of how to prepare page layouts for export to multiscreen devices.
Guided Notes
Assignment #7-10
Review Guide
112 Repeat  
113 Work day
Unit test
114 Adobe InDesign Tutorial  
115 Repeat  
116 Adobe Dreamweaver - SLO  
117 Repeat  
118 Adobe Dreamweaver - Lesson #1
Identify web page content that is relevant to the website purpose and appropriate for the target audience., Make website development decisions based on your analysis and interpretation of design specifications., Produce website designs that work equally well on various operating systems, browser versions/configurations, and devices.
Guided Notes
Assignment #1-3
119 Adobe Dreamweaver - Lesson #2
Produce website designs that work equally well on various operating systems, browser versions/configurations, and devices., Demonstrate knowledge of flowcharts, storyboards, wireframes, and design comps to create web pages and a site map (site index) that maintain the planned website hierarchy., Identify elements of the Dreamweaver interface.
Guided Notes
Assignment #4-6
120 Repeat  
121 Adobe Dreamweaver - Lesson #3
Demonstrate knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language., Add text to a web page., Insert navigation bars, rollover images, and buttons created in a drawing program on a web page.
Guided Notes
Assignment #7-10
122 Repeat  
123 Adobe Dreamweaver - Lesson #4
Import tabular data to a web page., Set and modify document properties., Modify images and image properties.
Guided Notes
Assignment #11-13
124 Adobe Dreamweaver - Lesson #5
Add head content to make a web page visible to search engines., Identify techniques for basic usability tests.
Guided Notes
Assignments #14-15
Review Guide
125 Repeat  
126 Work day
Unit test
127 Parent Teacher Conference
128 President's Day - No School  
129 President's Day - No School  
130 Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorial  
131 Repeat  
132 Global Information Systems (GIS) - SLO  
133 Repeat  
134 GIS - Lesson #1
Turn layer on and off, Sort in tables, Graph
Guided Notes
Assignment #1-3
Review Guide
135 Repeat  
136 Work day
Unit test
137 Repeat  
138 GIS Tutorial  
139 Work day  
140 Repeat  
141 Ozobot day - Review for STEM project  
142 End of Quarter
143 Teacher In-service - No School  
144 Windows Movie Maker - Lesson #1
Importing photos, video, and audio from a camera or other source, Adjusting music volume, fading, splitting, and timing options, capturing video
Guided Notes
Assignment #1-3
145 Repeat  
146 Windows Movie Maker - Lesson #2
Creating titles
Guided Notes
Assignments #4-6
Review Guide
147 Repeat  
148 Make up day
Unit Test
149 STEM Project  
150 STEM Project  
151 STEM Project  
152 STEM Project  
153 STEM Project  
154 Movie Maker Tutorial  
155 Repeat  
156 Work day  
157 Repeat  
158 Easter Break - No School  
159 Easter Break - No School  
160 SLO - Audacity  
161 Repeat  
162 Audacity
Making Ringtones and IVR messages - For your cellphone or IVR system , Managing Audacity Projects - Audacity's internal workspace, Metadata Editor
Guided Notes
Assignment #1-3
163 Repeat  
164 Audacity
Accessibility - Audacity for the visually impaired, Crash Recovery
Guided Notes
Assignment #4-6
Review Guide
165 Repeat  
166 Make up day
Unit Test
167 Repeat  
168 Audacity Tutorial  
169 Work day  
170 Work day  
171 SLO - Visual Studio  
172 Repeat  
173 Spring Break - No School  
174 Spring Break - No School  
175 Visual Studio - Lesson #1
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Guided Notes
Assignment #1
176 Repeat  
177 Visual Studio - Lesson #2
Managing the Application Life Cycle
Guided Notes
Assignment #2
178 Repeat  
179 Visual Studio - Lesson #3
Building the User Interface by Using HTML5: Text, Graphics, and Media
Guided Notes
Assignment #3
180 Repeat  
181 Visual Studio #4
Understanding CSS Essentials: Layouts
Guided Notes
Assignment #4
182 Repeat  
183 Work day  
184   Visual Studio #5
JavaScript Coding for the Touch Interface, Device and Operating System Resources, and More
Guided Notes
Assignment #5
Review Guide
185 Repeat  
186 Work day
Unit test
187 Repeat  
188 Movie project #1  
189 Work day  
190 Work day  
191 Work day
Last Day of School


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